Healthy Burgers, Healthy Planet.

Respecting Mother Earth is in our DNA.

We're always pushing to do better by the environment. One delicious burger at a time.

About V2


Smaller Footprint, Fresher Burgers

We work with suppliers local to our restaurants. It keeps our food distribution footprint (food miles) low and ensures the ingredients in your burger are as fresh as possible.

Max Taste, Less Waste

97% of our produce gets eaten. Feel good licking your plate.

Local Farmers

We work with local farmers. They care about what goes into your burger as much as we do.

Animal Welfare

Our burger standards are high. So are our animal welfare standards. Our beef, lamb, and eggs are free-range, and our chicken is RSPCA approved.

Quality Produce

Gippsland, Southern Tablelands, and Riverina. We like knowing where our meat comes from. Call it our healthy obsession.

Fed Better

From farm to fingers, our beef and lamb is grass-fed and free-range, so you can enjoy a natural and flavoursome taste.

Antibiotic-Free and No Added Hormones

We like to keep it real. Our beef and lamb is antibiotic and hormone free.

Recycled Cooking Oil

Our oil has it good. It gets a second run when we turn it into biodiesel. In the past 12 months we’ve recycled 265,000 litres.

Sustainability Environment V4


Sustainably Planted Forests

The paper and cardboard for our takeaway packaging, knife sleeves and Mini Me kids packs is PEFC and FSC Certified. It comes from sustainably planted forests. For every tree cut down, another one gets planted in its place.

Water-Based Coating

Thanks to water-based coatings, our packaging is 100% recyclable. No more petroleum-based chemicals. We always aim to put it in the right bin.

Straws Suck

We’re now plastic-straw free. Saving 1.6 million black plastic straws from going to landfill each year.

Chip and Dip

You’re working on your appetite for chips. We’re working on making our chip and dip cups more sustainable. Watch this space.

Recycled Restaurant Finishes

You’re sitting at a better table. We use recycled finishes in our restaurants wherever possible. Like the bricks in our walls and the timber at your tabletop.

Dimming Lights System

We use a dimming system, which saves 57% of energy needed to light our restaurants. That’ll set the mood.

Energy Meters

Energy meters in restaurants are helping us see where our energy goes. We like knowing, so we can plan solutions to use less energy.

Sustainability People V4


Our Employees Love The Planet

Our 4,336 employees participated in a survey and nominated "environmental impacts" as a cause closest to their hearts. We’re listening and taking action.

20,000 Local Matters

Thanks to our Local Matters program, we work hand in hand with local groups, organisations and projects to make a real difference to our local communities. The more hands, the bigger our impact.

One Million Hours of Knowledge

It feels good to know things. In the past year, we’ve delivered more than 1 million hours of learning with traineeship programs, leadership courses, and master classes.

We’re learning how to be better; better people, better for the environment, better within our communities, and better to each other.

Sustainability Community V4


$4,000,000 To Local Matters

Our Local Matters program has raised almost $4,000,000. Thanks to 20,000 local community groups and organisations. Thanks to our restaurants. Thanks to you.

The Bigger Picture

We’re fighting the good fight. We’ve worked with non-profit organisations like Red Cross, St Johns, Movember, Polished Man, Surf Life Saving Australia, and the RSPCA. To us, sustainability is more than just taking care of our environment, it’s also about caring for our farmers, animals, employees and local communities.

If you’ve got any suggestions for us, big or small, fill in the below form, we'd love to hear from you.